Sushi made of veges. Looks very appetizing for warm summer months.



Staying Vegan on the Viking Cruise Ship クルーズ船でのヴィーガン食事

Sadly, my dietary request hadn’t gone through but the crew assured me they can accommodate. I had hoped that I could enjoy vege version of some of the local delicacy. I had Spargel (white asparagus) but that was as far as it went.

It is amusing to me that caterers love giving us vegetable stacks containing 3 principle vegetables – capsicum, eggplant and zucchini or pumpkin. If done nicely, I agree it is quite delicious, but the sadly, often quite tasteless. We care for taste and flavour. There are cruelty free, plant based ingredients we can derive umami (flavour) from.

After a few days of being fed the “stacks”, I requested simple sautéed vegetables with rice and sometimes pasta with simple tomato sauce. This was a good move. There were many Asian crew members, so I was confident they would make good Asian dishes. I wasn’t mistaken.

Some of their soups were lovely. I enjoyed corn chowder, minestrone, lentil soup, and carrot ginger soup. It might be that they had a soup specialist on board familiar with plant base ingredients.


ヴィーガン食というと、なぜか野菜を重ねただけのスタック (stack) が出されるのが定番。だいたいなす、赤ピーマン、ズッキーニ、カボチャのスライスを重ねてオブンで焼くだけのもの。ハーブやソースの使い方で美味しいものもありますが、調味がされてないものを毎日出されるとちょっと飽きてきます。


No photos sorry. We were hands free most of the time on the ship and didn’t think of taking photos. 船上はバッグを持たないので写真を撮る機会を逃してしまいました。写真があればよかったのですが。

‘Go Vegan’ Campaign in Regensburg レゲンスベルグでヴィーガン啓発メッセージ発見

Regensburg is one of the first ports we visited on The Danube River Cruise. Like many other towns in Germany, it boasts long history and beautiful architecture. It is a beautiful town.

Fortunately, Regensburg did not get bombed during the war. It is said that The Allies avoided bombing because they had a sizable stock of mustard gas along the river which could have proven catastrophic.


What amused me most in Regensburg was on returning to the cruise ship after the day tour, we found these messages chalked on the ground in front of our cruise ships. It happens that the ship was hosting a Bavarian feast that night consisting essentially of meat and not much else….. The campaigners must know this and kept busy keeping up with the heavy cruise traffic. The sad truth with cruises is that there’s so much food and a lot of waste as a result.

By the way, for my vegan dinner that night, I was given Spargel (white asparagus). This was a treat as it is a seasonal regional delicacy. Strangely, it was not on offer for other passengers.

私達の乗っていたクルーズ船はその日の夕食にバイエルン料理を用意していたため、船の前に写真のようなヴィーガンのメッセージがチョークで所狭しと書き広められていました。子豚ちゃんの絵に『私はフレンドで、食べ物ではありません。』や、『ひとつしかない地球を救う。Go ヴィーガン』などなど。バイエルンの伝統料理は豚肉、ソーセージなどの肉料理が多く、観光客向けのクルーズ船が停まるこの辺りで活動団体は毎日忙しく活躍していることでしょう。クルーズ船の食事というと、大食家が多いアメリカ人など西洋志向なので、悲しくも無駄も多く、説然とこういうキャンペーンを招いてしまうのだろうという印象でした。

ちなみに菜食の私の夕食には、地方に誇るSpargel (白アスパラガス) をいただきました。この季節の僅かの間にしか食べられない品物でありがたくいただきました。

Prague Vegan Experience プラハのヴィーガンレストラン


This region boasts culinary delights such as pork knuckles and duck with red cabbage.  If you don’t eat meat however, one can order side vegetable dishes and some vege dumpling but fortunately, there are many vegan restaurants also.  

It was funny that there appears to be some confusion about vegetarians are as you can surmise from these menus.

We went to two superb vegan restaurants during our stay.  

‘Vegan Prague’ is near the castle.  They offer vegan interpretation of some local delicacy.  There was a steady flow of foreign travelers.  http://www.vegansprague.cz/?EN



‘Country Life’ is a canteen style restaurant in the centre of town.  This must be one of  my favourite restaurants.  We enjoyed some lovely lunches there.  It was always packed with people and a long queue was forming outside.  You pay by the weight of the food you choose and it was excellent value for money.  

This was our lunch one day.  My husband had a vege pizza, pea soup and salad.  I had a vege sausage roll, seitan and mushroom stew looking dish with lots of salad and vegetables.  https://www.countrylife.cz/prodejna-country-life-melantrichova






ランチに繁く通ったのは カントリーライフというレストラン。長蛇の列ができる、ローカル色の濃いカンティーン式のレストラン。取った分の量でお金を払う仕組みで、とってもお手頃な値段でした。マッシュルームとセイタンのシチューやソーセージ、沢山の野菜、サラダなど、とっても美味しくいただきました。


隣にはお店もあって、チェコ版の納豆を発見。There is a shop next door and I found locally made Natto.  


素食と美食 (Soshoku or Bishoku)




美食に慣れると、素食が物足りなく感じる。逆に、素食に慣れると、美食が too much に感じる。








Veggy という雑誌では国内外のベジライフや食生活など、最新情報を沢山紹介してくれています。

Bishoku translates as “beautiful food”. It refers to food preparation with rich flavours and ingredients

Soshoku on the other hand translates as simple food. As the name suggests, emphasis is on simple preparation with the aim to enjoying natural flavour and staying healthy.

When one is used to eating rich food, simple food preparation lacks flavour.

In the same token, when the diet consists of a lot of meat, plant only food preparation would seem very boring.

Although there are many plant base alternatives in the West, we still have some way to go in Japan. But It is definitely on the way. Veggy is a monthly magazine for those seeking more information and ideas.

ヴィーガンとベジタリアンの有名人 Famous Vegans (and Vegetarians)



The Greatest Showman のザックエフロンはヴィーガンに転向してから体調が良好になったと話しています。


ビートルズのポールマカートニー は70年代からベジタリアンの生活で、最近はヴィーガンともささやかれています。ファッションデザイナーでポールマカートニーの娘のステラ マカートニーの影響があるといえます。ステラは世界的にベジタリアンの食品も展開しています。


歌手のマドンナ は厳格なマクロビの菜食の食生活。ベジタリアンともヴィーガンともいわれています。





There are many vegans celebrities. To name a few:

Natalie Portman

Ellen Page

Zac Efron

Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth

Ariana Grande

Madonna is said to follow a strict macrobiotic diet primarily plant based.

Jeniffer Lopez is said to have gone plant base following her pregnancy.

Brad Pitt is a animal lover and is said to follow plant based diet also.

Paul McCartney and his daughter Linda MacCartney are longtime vegetarians. Linda McCartney has her own vegetarian food brand.

Bill Clinton turned to vegetarian diet following health issues as did Al Gore for health and environmental reasons.

英国王室にもヴィーガン. Vegan in The Royal Family





When one of the couple is vegan, and the other non-vegan, the tendency is embracing more plant base diet with reduction in meat consumption for the (non vegan) person.

Well, it’s no different for Prince Harry. Meghan is a well known vegan.

Prince Harry has adopted a more plant based diet.

He is also shifting away from tradition such as hunting.

They plan to raise their child Vegan also.

Reference: http://www.livekindly.co

Image: Royal Baby Sussex FB page


写真はRoyal Baby Sussex フェイスブックから引用